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Scooping Up Success: How Häagen-Dazs is Navigating the Booming Creator Economy

The creator economy, which consists of independent content creators, artists, and influencers who use social media and other digital platforms to earn a living, is thriving. This gives brands a unique opportunity to harness the power of creators and foster Diversity and inclusivity. Häagen-Dazs, with its successful £1.5 million pledge to support underrepresented creators, provides a prime example of how brands can strategically tap into this trend.

Here are the key takeaways from Häagen-Dazs' approach that other brands can adopt:

1. Commitment and Continuity:

Häagen-Dazs made a significant pledge to support underrepresented creators and followed through, showcasing their genuine commitment to fostering the creator economy over the long term.

Lesson: Brands should focus on building long-lasting partnerships with creators rather than making one-off gestures.

2. Embrace Diversity:

The ice cream brand actively sought to support underrepresented creators across various disciplines, highlighting the importance of embracing Diversity in the creator economy.

Lesson: Brands should actively seek out and promote creators from diverse backgrounds and fields, thus enriching their campaigns and fostering inclusivity.

3. Active Engagement:

Rather than simply offering financial contributions, Häagen-Dazs engaged with the creators and organisations they supported, incorporating them into their #ThatsDazs campaign.

Lesson: Brands should build genuine partnerships with creators, leveraging their unique perspectives and talents in mutually beneficial collaborations.

4. Community-Centric Collaborations:

Häagen-Dazs brought communities to the forefront through their creative collaborations, as evidenced by their partnership with She Is The Music for the Buttered Cookie Cone Festival launch.

Lesson: Brands should create authentic community-focused collaborations that resonate with their target audience.

5. Support and Showcase:

Häagen-Dazs supported Allies in Arts and featured the commissioned mural by queer Chicago-based artists Sam Kirk and Jenny Q in their out-of-home efforts.

Lesson: Brands should invest in creators and prominently display their work in advertising campaigns, showcasing talent and enhancing brand messaging.

6. Nurture Relationships:

The brand continued to nurture relationships with creators beyond the initial commitment, as seen in their ongoing engagement with creator Tyrell Hampton.

Lesson: Brands should focus on maintaining and cultivating long-term relationships with creators rather than merely transactional collaborations.

7. Create Events and Opportunities:

Häagen-Dazs' Tacolado event with La Cocina is an example of how creating events and opportunities can celebrate and spotlight creators.

Lesson: Brands should organise events that amplify creators' voices, showcase their talents, and foster community engagement.

8. Incorporate Purpose:

Häagen-Dazs made Purpose a core brand pillar, aligning it with their support for the creator economy.

Lesson: Brands should clearly define their Purpose and ensure that it aligns with their initiatives in the creator economy for a more authentic and impactful approach.

9. Showcase Results:

Häagen-Dazs' collaborations with underrepresented creators have increased brand visibility and resonance with diverse audiences. For instance, the success of their Butter Cookie Cone Festival launch demonstrated the tangible benefits of engaging with the creator economy.

Lesson: Brands should highlight the positive outcomes of their collaborations with creators, showcasing the mutual benefits of such partnerships.

10. Offer Insights:

Elizabell Rivera Marquez, CMO at Häagen-Dazs' parent company, emphasised the importance of ongoing commitment and the impact of embracing Diversity.

Lesson: Brands should share insights from their experiences in the creator economy, providing valuable learnings for others looking to engage in this space.

The rise of the creator economy provides an invaluable opportunity for brands to tap into a diverse pool of talent, foster inclusivity, and enrich their campaigns with unique perspectives. By adopting Häagen-Dazs' successful approach, brands can make meaningful contributions to the creator economy while elevating their brand messaging and fostering long-lasting relationships with creators.

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