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4 Key Lessons from Journalists to Boost Your Personal Brand

Is your personal brand making the most of every opportunity?

Are you ready to supercharge your brand by leveraging the power of 'content moments'? Today, we will unpack a powerful tactic from a chapter in Ann Handley's book "Everybody Writes." This could be the game-changer you need for your personal branding strategy on social media.

1. Newsjacking:

In the whirlwind of today's social media, being quick on your feet can give you a distinct advantage. This concept, known as 'newsjacking,' comes into play when there's a significant event in your industry. Remember when the tech titan Oracle acquired Compendium? Kapost, their competitor, saw this as a perfect opportunity to comment on the acquisition in their blog, deftly positioning themselves at the centre of a story that wasn't originally about them.

What if you could do the same with your personal brand? Please keep an eye on the latest trends and updates in your field and share your take on major developments. By doing this, you'll cement your position as a thought leader and maintain a central role in discussions, boosting your visibility.

Pro tip - Tools like Google News, Feedly, or Flipboard can help you stay ahead of the curve.

2. A Lesson from the Newsroom:

Journalists have a knack for turning seemingly mundane stories into compelling narratives, a skill that's invaluable in personal branding. 'Content moments' are everywhere; the trick is learning to identify them. These moments could be breaking news, emerging trends, or even seemingly unrelated events that can be ingeniously linked to your brand's story.

For instance, the New York Public Library took the basketball March Madness concept and gave it a literary twist on Instagram, setting famous authors against each other. Creative, engaging, and timely - this is what content moment gold looks like. And such content can significantly ramp up engagement on your social media profiles, enhancing your personal brand.

3. Riding the Cultural Wave:

One brilliant approach to finding content moments is by tying your content to cultural or societal trends. Case in point:'s piece, "4 Ways Insurance Might Respond If Godzilla Attacks," was perfectly timed with the release of the Godzilla remake and managed to be fun and engaging.

In terms of personal branding, engaging with cultural trends shows that you're in sync with the world around you, making your brand more approachable and human. Sharing your unique viewpoint on these trends can ignite conversations, engage your audience, and boost your brand's visibility.

4. Striking While the Iron's Hot:

The secret to making the most of content moments? Timeliness and relevance. Be ready to move quickly when an opportunity arises. As Jesse Noyes from Kapost says, "You have to get things done on a tight deadline." In the dynamic world of personal branding, agility and speed can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a breakout post.

In conclusion, personal branding isn't just about promoting yourself; it's about contributing to larger conversations, providing valuable insights, and establishing your thought leadership. So, the next time you spot a trending topic or breaking news, think about how you can use it to amplify your personal brand.

Keep your eyes wide open because content moments are all around us!

So, are you ready to seize your content moment? Stay tuned for more insights, and remember - content moments truly are everywhere!

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